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4 October 2018 - 5 October 2018
Orléans, France

Plant InterCluster 2018

Technology and Business Meetings 

04-05 October 2018, Loire-Valley, Orléans


The PIC Meeting is the most important event in the plant production industry organized annually in Europe.

This event aims to foster knowledge in the plant field, creating a common strategy to ease the international development of clusters and their members.

The BtoB Meetings will take place in Orléans, as part of the Plant Intercluster Meetings, organized by the French Innovation & Competitiveness Clusters during two days, on October 04-05 :

  • Terralia 
  • Agri Sud Ouest Innovation
  • Céréales Vallée



This networking event will target a wide spectrum of companies, clusters, universities, research centers and end-users, from Europe and America related to plant production.


Thematic Areas

  • Crop productivity
  • New methods and inputs for plant production
  • Biocontrol products
  • Integrated pest management
  • Urban Farming
  • Digital Farming
  • Precision plant protection / precision irrigation
  • Extraction
  • Interclustering cooperation


Why Participate ?

  • To showcase your Know-How / expertise / technology or product
  • To stay up to date with the latest European calls for proposals (H2020, COSME etc.)
  • To find the Right technology, R&D and business partners
  • To share and promote your projects / ideas
  • To keep up with the latest breakthroughs in the field of crop enhancement


How does it work ?

  1. Register, present your organisation and create your cooperation profile
  2. Browse through the participants list and send meeting requests to the companies you are interested in
  3. A week before the event, receive your detailed meetings schedule


Participation fees:

  • 80 € vat excl. (EU reverse charge)
    for members of French clusters (VEGEPOLYS, Agri Sud Ouest Innovation, Céréales Vallées, Terralia)
  • 150 € vat excl. (EU reverse charge)
    for non members of French clusters


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Closed since 2 October 2018


Orléans, France

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France 47
Germany 2
Italy 1
Netherlands 1
Total 51


Company 18
Cluster 16
University 6
R&D Institution 5
Association/Agency 3
Authority/Government 2
Other 1
Total 51